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My System Specs


30 over BUT it's a 3570k on z77, 7870 2GB, 8GB ram, 250GB SDD, WD 1TB HDD, Decent case, Seasonic based 550W Bronze PSU(xfx)

Mileage may vary on where you buy it from.. but thats about as good a build as I could make you on that budget without sacrificing quality.
If you want to buy it all in 1 place, get a bit more expensive mobo/GPU etc you can drop the SSD to a 128gb, the HDD to 500GB and the processor to an i3.
(I would drop down on th hdd and processor first before the ssd, 7870 should be good for your usage but 50 will get you a 7950)

This will leave you more room in the budget and allow you a drop in upgrade with full features when you need/want a beefier CPU (3770k will be nice second-hand in 2 - 3 years and will plug and play)

500GB should be plenty for you if you don't need huge storage and with your OS, main programs and games on the SSD there is even less need for a big HDD

Not spec'd a cooler in there at all BUT drop in a CM hyper 212 if you want it.. cut as many corners as I could :D

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