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Default in need of server rack!

Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong forum but I think this is as close as I'm going to get.

I've been looking for a rack to put up my servers. I was hoping since I live in Metro Vancouver area I might find some really good deals on post racks or cabinets that were overstocked or being liquidated.

I'm really hoping to find:

1. Smaller than 42U rack. I even considered cutting 42U 2 post rack and turning it into 20U rack but that's ton of work and I don't really have the know how or the appropriate tools to pull it off. Preferably somewhere between 12U to 20U

2. Full Length - I have a 24 bay storage server chassis so I need to have a full length, otherwise it's not going to cut it.

Anyone know where I can find something like this for free or relatively cheap in Metro Vancouver? I'm willing to pick it up if anyone wants to get rid of theirs.

I've checked Craigslist and it's the same guy listing the same thing and it's not even big enough to hold servers
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