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Ive posted this in other threads but here goes:

When you build a new rig do these steps

1) load the OS, authorize it
2) use acronis TI to make a backup. call this 'bare metal backup'
3) install video drivers and programs you use. authorize them as needed.
4) use acronis TI to make a backup. call this 'FULL backup'
5) DL and use "Token Restore" AND "Advanced Token Manager" to backup tokens for the OS and Office
6) store all the stuff you made .tibs/tokens/etc on a separate hard drive. A NAS is good. Store it ALSO on another HHD that sits in bubble wrap somewhere safe....or simply unplugged inside the PC chassis. ;)

Once a month make a new full backup...and copy to the backup locations.

This way when things go can restore your rig fairly quickly.

Token manager will come in handy if the OS decides that 'nope your not legit anymore' as it will tell it to piss off and MAKE it legit again. Run the token programs after any major parts changes. Run BOTH to make sure you have the tokens backuped. Same goes for office. Technically you get a couple auto authorizations and then have to phone and ask. This way you dont waste the easy authorizations. ;)

A NAS can be as simple as an old rig connected to your router. No need for a fancy NAS...anything will do. Load FreeNAS if you want something fancy...or windows XP if you dont.
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