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My System Specs


Well it took a while but my Win7 is back up and running. Ended up using the reload from the OS disk. Is there a limit on the number of times you can do this?

I ask because I did have a MS Office 2003 disk I was using and then I got an error code saying something to the effect that the number of installs had been exceeded. I only used it to get Outlook which is not included in the less expensive MS Office Suites anymore and I needed Outlook to sync with my Blackberry from work and then I have my schedule from work and home in one place. I only have one life, I can't have multiple schedulers, and I only keep one list of contacts which over the years has exceeded 1000 entries. (on the other hand I never delete any). Anyway I ended up finding a redundant 2007 Professional MS Office Disk not being used so use MS Outlook from that one.

I did manage to reload some but not all of the backed up programs. next time though I will follow ZZLEE's advice and format the drive and start from scratch completely. I do have this file called "windows.old" which I relegated to an old storage hd I have. Not sure if there is any value in keeping it now. I assume I can safely delete what I was able to move. There were a few mb of files that windows did not want to move. I went through the files that I now have on my SSD for Win7 and while I'm sure some of them can safely be removed there are no single program that takes up a lot of SSD real estate. If and when space gets scarce on my drive I'll go back and start deleting things that I never use, MS games, a thing called MS Journal, etc. but they are all small files. But for now there is still plenty of space left so I worry about that later (Windows and Adobe Elements & Premier and one game loaded so far (Warbirds) are taking up about 60 of my 160GM SSD.

I'll have to reload most of the games as I play them, one by one. I might try loading one or two onto the SSD and playing them from there rather than play them off of the 2T SATA drive even though it is a newer SATA III. I wonder how much of a performance difference I'd get running the game from the same SSD as the OS vs running it off of this 2T SATA III drive?

Found that my old recovery disks were no use, still made a new one after I had installed windows and the drivers, just the basic set up before programs.
I suppose I should make another after I get the programs loaded that I want.

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