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I created an account just to make this post. I figured that this would be a perfect opportunity to help spread the word.

There is a new company called Overlord Computers that makes 27" 2560x1440 displays that are capable of being overclocked up to ~120Hz. This display uses the same color accurate LG panel used in the $999 Apple Cinema display but with a different PCB (for overclocking)@ $529.99. They are first company to actually market panels at this resolution, at this refresh rate and soon they will even offer a 24" 1920x1200 panel for those interested.

I use a Overlord Tempest x270OC (currently running at 120Hz) and it looks absolutely stunning. My games (new and old, some config file modifications are needed on older games) now have that ridiculously smooth "PIXAR movie on a plasma" feeling. Not only do I twice as many refreshes as my competition, I also see 1.6million more pixels (compared to 1080p).

I regret to mention that they are currently out of stock but even if you decide to purchase a 60Hz panel, you won't find a better price than their X270SE. There should be some stock coming in March using their new bezel design.

Here is their sales page

I made a huge thread here if you would like to do more reading, overclocking takes approx. 2 minutes and the instructions are at the bottom:
Meet your Overlord, the future of enthusiast monitors is here.

The Tempest comes with a 1yr warranty and the S-IPS panels are made by LG. The 120Hz capable monitors only support DVI so that input lag is reduced compared to other 2560x1440 panels. Typically a bloated internal PCB with HDMI, DP, USB, VGA etc etc just causes input lag, this is not true for the Tempest as it was originally designed this way.

This monitor is the ultimate gaming monitor.

Just a fan of innovation in the stagnant panel market,
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