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Hey Everyone!

We're in, safe and sound :)
New internet connection too... and its lightening fast!

So bare with me as i document... Life Mod 1.0: Moving in with the Girlfriend

So it took us roughly about 3 hours to pack up, move and load into our new place :) Where do we start Emma?

We have soooo much mess!

But at least we're chipping away at it. i can see countertop!
Oh and all the appliances are Whirlpool. I'll shoot some final pics with a better camera (hopefully, if i can convince emma that we 'need it')

Slowly getting everything tucked away.... man this takes forever!

Time to check out this view!!! (sorry for the focus... I was tired.)

Okay, time for bed... I think we have done enough for one day.

So this morning i took these:
The new desk!!!!

Oh, and Motivate made it safe and sound.... this was my biggest fear. I didn't want anything to happen to it mid move.
She looks wonderful on this certain Scandinavian bookcase :)

The TV area is slowly getting there, and im starting to really like what i see

i think thats enough for now.
More 'final shots' to come :)

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