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Default Metadot Das Ultimate Keyboard

I've been looking at the Metadot Das Ultimate S Keyboard for a little while and picked it up today from Canada Computers (link). My only concern is the clerk wasn't 100% sure it was the model with blue switches and not the model with the brown switches. He matched it up with the UPC code and the price was correct, but nowhere on the box does it say what type of switches the keyboard has.

Since Canada Computers has a 5% restocking fee on keyboards, I have opened it up as carefully as I could and checked the model number on the back. It reads DASK3ULTMS1CO. The model on the Canada Computers website is DASK3ULTMS1. They're very similar but slightly different. I did some googling on the model number to see what type of switches I have but the info I was able to find was spotty at best (though it seems it has blues, but I'd like to be sure). The particular model number I have seems to be rather rare as well.

I was just curious if anyone happens to know what type of switches the keyboard I bought has. I really prefer the blue switches over the brown ones.

Thanks in advance!
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