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Default Stuttering when watching TV


I am not sure if I will manage to explain my issue properly, but in December 2011, I purchased a 120hz Smart LED HDTV. Ever since I've bought it, I noticed some sort of lag when watching hockey. At first it was just when there were faceoffs where the image would stutter, but it was not always very noticeable. Now that hockey season started, I seem to notice those stutter a lot more frequently, during face-offs and during regular play also.

My personal idea of the problem without having done much research is that since the signal is 60hz and that the TV must interpolate the extra image to achieve 120hz, it creates some stuttering when there is a transition between nearly static image (before face-off) and fast moving action (after face-off).

I figured someone here would know better than me and could help me.
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