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My System Specs


Thanks for all the responses lol. Ive been running an SSD on this PSU for... 5 months so far, without issue. But the drive also failed sea tools last night. Right near the end, something was outside the boundary or w/e. Maybe its just the drive. Ive got the PSU hooked into a power bar. maybe thats the isssue, and I should have it right in the wall.

My drive has CC82 firmaware on it.

That being said, after failing sea tools, It has made the chirp so far this morning (The 15 mins ive been awake) so who knows...

I have heard that disabling APM stops the noise. I might try that too. But still, the damn thign failed Sea Tools, so maybe I should RMA it anywya... Seagate has been good to me over the past 2 years, even though the disk keeps dying. It just chirped. LOL

I should also mention, i was running the 4 previous HDD's on a GS700 by corsair, Wehn i got this 7200.14, i switched to the hx 750. Who knows!
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