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Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
your phone can't possibly be drawing more than 2.1 amps?? I don't even think the note2 going balls out draws that much, only tablets

I could be wrong but I'm willing to bet your phone is charging at .5amps because it thinks it's connected to USB, does it say charging AC??? If not then it will die while plugged in.

You're using a samsung phone right? judging by the battery size it's an S2, type this into terminal emulator (root required) while your charger is plugged in, it will tell you your charging rate, I think you have to divide it by 10 to get the mah rating

cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/batt_current_adc
EDIT: Or even try this APK, it essentially types that command for you and gives you a notification with your charging rate

[APP] Skyrocket Charger Test - xda-developers
USB from PC = 504.9 mA
USB from Battery Pack plugged into 5v @ 2.1a = 906mA = .9a
USB from Battery Pack plugged into 5v @ 1.0a = 872mA = .8a
AC from the wall = 906mA = .9a

So obviously this thing draws more than .5a when charging Wondering if this thing would pull more than 1a off a different source.

So not sure what is going on but apparently my phone receives the same amount of juice from the wall as it does my battery pack.... and when plugged into my battery pack it says "AC" not "USB"

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