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OK, first just let me say that this COULD be the issue...not that it IS the issue. Its just been my experience that they get bitchy loud when there is ripple. Other things could be doing it...but if your rig has eaten drives in the past...yeah it would be the first thing I would be looking at.

Secondly, my HX psu's were rock no idea if its the cause or not. BUT I never used a 750 model...just the bigger versions. I assume you have the PSU attached to a good UPS? Many psu's when fed a steady supply of 120v dont output as much ripple as when they are on dirty power (not an expert on this just my experience...YMMV).

No idea wrt to RMA and Corsair. drop Terran a pm and see what he says. He IS our new rep for Corsair...might as well make use of such a valuable resource! But I doubt it. Would be hard to prove that it is ripple without an o-scope. Honestly, if they dont...pull the drive stick it in a buddies rig. See if the noise goes away. If it does...yeah its most likely the PSU. Start saving up and replace it as soon as you if you ever go SSD route...ripple kills SSD a hell of a lot faster than a HDD! ;)
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