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Default Seagate 7200.14 Chirping

So my drive is chirping... and it basically has since i got the damn thing.
Seagate ST2000DM001 noise - YouTube
It sounds like that. And when im playing sc2, it pauses when it chirps, then resumes.. Now since i run SC2 off the HDD, it shouldnt be at idle, so theres no reason to do the chirpy thing...

I am running SeaTools right now to try and fix the darn thing.

A lil background on this.... This is my.... fourth HDD ive had a problem with, in the past 2 years. I have a WD which hasnt failed once in those 2 years, but thats not the point, im not a WD> Seagate person, i just want my shit to work lol.

I started with a 7200.12 device.... which failed 3 times (thats right, I RMA'd it 3 times, receiving refurbs each time) until I called them and asked to downgrade to a momentus XT, thinking it would be more reliable. They told me they dont do downgrades, and "upgraded" me to a 2TB 7200.14... I thought i would avoid the problems, going for their almost top of the line drive, but i guess not.

Point being, this is driving me nuts. I have school work to do, and replacing the HDD every 2-6 months is getting to be a PITA. Thankfully it isnt my main drive, but its got 1TB of stuff on it that I would rather not lose.

If the drive passes SeaTools, is this noise normal? If it fails i know to Rma it... but dang this drives me nuts!!

Has anyone else had problems with a 7200.14?
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