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Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
Yeahhhhh going to have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you on that one.

Might be able to do everything iOS can... But the customization abilities of android are definitely not in bb10

And I still don't really see the advantage of this, it looks okay but offers nothing worth changing over to, especially 3 years late in the game
Was speaking more in terms of apps and functionality. I've never found widgets all that useful really, a good notification system is preferable for me in terms of glancable information which the peek and hub functions cover better I think than android's widgets. I cant argue against changeable launchers really except I prefer the stock BB10 experience to any non stock android launcher I've used. And really if you want to argue about customization WebOS still trumps everything that I've seen in that regard.

And honestly, the email experience is terrible on android once you either use more than 1 gmail or anything other than gmail.

I'm not entirely sure what killer feature everyone wanted, the first iteration of these devices are more how you do stuff than what. Sure its not going to make everyone drop their Samsung GS3s or iPhones but the Z10 is a solid device that can compete toe to toe with these other top end devices.
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