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Default Blue Fire

Blue Fire
Hi Guys! Some of you may or may not know about my punctured rad incident...

Since then, I have been using a zalman air cooler, until my rad got fixed. Well it has been fixed for about a week, and I STILL haven't put it back in my system... Why you might ask?

I was on kijiji and found a guy selling a haf 912 for 25$... BNIB. So Im going to pick it up in 2 weeks hopefully. If not, I will re-use my Bitfenix Shinobi.

I'm going to paint the rig and spice up my loop a little.

First things first though:

I was looking at my old g510 keyboard, and I had tried to sell it on here but nobody wanted it (not a big suprize, it was missing 2 keys). I loved the LCD screen that came with it, just because it was so darn cool to be able to see vent ping, or game stats. My modding bug creeped in and I thought, "Why cant I take the LCD screen out, and fit it in my case somewhere?"

So here we are...

These are basically the compnents, +/- a few.
i5 2500k,
Asus p8z68 v-pro
gtx 470
gtx 260 (maybe)
8 gb Dominator ram

The G510 screen is next... NAILBITER!!

Its wayyy to long to fit anywhere in my case... So lets trim the pcb...

AND... IT WORKS!! :)

Still dont know where Im going to put it, but this log will definitely be updated more and more in the coming weeks.... Definitely not going to be a series of days :P Im graduating from University this year, so I've got lots of work to do.

Btw, gotta say a big THANK YOU to all the people on here. Without you guys, i'd be stuck with a gtx 260, and no water blocks for the 470 :P

Check back for updates!! Im pretty sure my next one will be painting the fans... and Showing off the color scheme :P (Which may or may not be blue, even the name is undecided)

I guess I should start by telling you my plans too haha;
1. I ordered some blue and black paracord from ebay, along with blue and black heat shrink.. I want to sleeve the PSU, and make it match the color scheme.

2. Im going to be repainting my case, regardless which one I use. My Shinobi needs a new coat, and the HAF 912 isnt painted on the inside. Colors will be flat/satin Black with gloss blue highlights.

3. Going to paint my cougar/XSPC fans blue. Probably using Krylon paint & primer

4.Going to plumb my water loop, using black 3/8 tubing, and probably going to paint my RX240 blue. After I had the punture fixed it looks like a mad scientists rad lol

5. Find a place to put the g510 lcd... And figure out about cutting botton holes, or how I will manage to make them work. I've got an idea, but plans change :P

6. Anything else.
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