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My System Specs


Giving the download one more try, this time in Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome. I've found a few sites that are not Chrome friendly. BUT I seldom use IE. When I openned it up I found a whole batch of add on's that I've never added on. Tried to clean it up a bit and restore the defaults for IE. I just hate it when these programs try to hijack your browser by loading search engines, "free system checkers" etc etc etc. Thats what I like about Chrome, add-blocker seems to work well and I seldom get any of this crap show up when I open it.

I did try to download Firefox but I never got it to run properly on my system, should try it again as I hear people really like it.

48 minutes remaining over in IE for this Catzilla program. Sure hope it is worth all the bother.

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