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My System Specs


I had one i7 2600K do 4.5 with one step up from stock voltage.... surprisingly, it was still a pain in the ass to get stable at even 4.8ghz.

And yes, you should be able to get your 4.5ghz in and around 1.30 to 1.35

If your offset isn't + up too much then just lower your Load Line Calibration (LLC) level from "earth destroying" to merely "devastation". Depending on the MB that'll keep your voltage nice and low while idling and then the LLC will push the core voltage to the right amount.

IE: usually the different "levels" or steppings of LLC will give a boost to core voltage when loaded.



The names are usually like "extreme", "high", etc and each level steps up.

So leaving your offset voltage alone you could just step down your LLC and get right into the loaded VID of 1.33 or so without doing anything else.

.... but that all depends on your motherboard. Experimentation will be needed.

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