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My System Specs


I did : launch price of a 560ti = 280 euros,and quite all the 660ti were 350 euros when launched.What i mean is that it is the direct next level card and it costs more than the previous gen model,for more performance,but it should cost the same for more performance.

I compared the X60 models of nvidia.

Btw for my last comparison i was talking in euros.

What i say is that i don't like that the price is rising for the same "class" of card in the series...

Example,you want a 200-220 euros card,you can't,you had to pay 350 euros for a 660ti or 160 for a 650ti.You see the problem?

I think the prices are different,even today,the ASUS and MSI 660ti is 354 euros in most sites,and the zotac is 360,only the gainward is less expensive..

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