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Also found this guide to be useful and concise. Very convenient to have the rooted CWM firmware and KG3 radio files available like that, so thanks to JD.

A warning to others doing this now and installing the stable CM10: I originally tried to use the latest google apps gapps-jb-20121212, and ignored the !!Not compatible with 4.1.x.!! warning by accident.

I immediately had a problem with the android aosp keyboard repeatedly crashing with a message.

I ended up starting over with odin and the 2.3 GB, because a wipe/factory reset, and wipe of cache folder from the CM10 recovery did not remove or disassociate the incorrect gapps I installed.
Anyway, gapps-jb-20121011 is still the one to use if you are going for CM10 stable.
Also, the Galaxy S Unlock app in google Play works easily and is free.

BTW, I was reluctant to go to JB (android 4.1 for cm10 stable) on the SGS I9000m, having never flashed roms, and hearing about lag. I have found it runs very nicely so far, and Cyanogen Mod or JB (not sure which) really corrects many quirks of android 2.3, such as customizing the drawer icons, laucher icons, improvements to the browser, audio player, sound control, etc, so it was definitely worthwhile to upgrade, and not hard to do at all. The hardest part was trying to determine the pros and cons of the various roms, I was considering Darky, Slim, or CM, still not too sure on the benefits of the others.

Also a question - after having screwed up my first install of CM10 with the newer gapps, how could I have formatted or wiped and then installed CM over again without partitioning and putting 2.3 GB ? (as mentioned above the recovery wipe did not seem to be enough)

Now just have to get swype or swiftkey on here. Also I'm trying to run a ftp server from Win 7 to easily do wireless transfer to the i9000m. The apps I've tried for this have restrictions on file size for the free version, or weird interfaces. What do other people do for this ?

Also, one post above in Zippy's link has the latest spirit FM radio links
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