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My System Specs

Default Bit of an upgrade/rebuild debate.

So, first post on here. Looking for a bit of advice as I've got the upgrading bug, and am considering using some of my income tax return in a month or two for upgrading. I can most likely swing 3 or 4 hundred dollars at most including taxes, as I'm a newly graduated Computer Science student still looking for work beyond minimum wage, full time at a gas station .

I will be using it for web surfing, some light gaming (probably across the 3 1280x1024 screens I run, which I already can do as long as I turn some things down), some video conversion, and likely a Linux VM for code writing and compilation.

I will be purchasing my parts from Canada, with a preference for places with warehouses/stores within reasonable driving distance of Guelph, Ontario. I prefer to pick up parts myself rather than to ship, though I'm not against shipping if major price differences/necessity wills it.

I don't have any particular brand preferences, though I do tend towards AMD processors and ASUS motherboards. The only board company I tend to look past is Gigabyte, as I've had some minor issues with their boards in systems I've built for others.

At least half of the parts in the computer systems in my apartment were salvaged from discarded systems or purchased cheaply used. I have no issue with used parts.

The system I am looking to upgrade is the one in my System Specs. In all honesty, I'm fairly happy with how well the system runs as is, but as I said I'm feeling the itch to upgrade. So here's the debate: do I go for:

-Upgrading the CPU/Mobo/RAM, and probably the PSU.
-Grabbing an SSD and keep the rest
-Leaving it as is and waiting

I have no issue with overclocking, though my experience level is likely not much more than beginner/low-end intermediate.

If I go with the first option I've been considering going with an AMD FX-6300, a Motherboard with a 970 chipset, some 1333 or 1600 mhz G-Skill RAM, and a decent 500-600 watt PSU.

If I go with the second option, I don't think I'll need more than a 128GB SSD, preferably one with a good price/performance ratio. If I go this route I'll keep the WD Black 500GB as my storage drive.

Alternatively, I could just wait for another year or so. But dang it, I want an excuse to rebuild my computer!

So let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!
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