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Originally Posted by dustin1706 View Post
The STX is about as good as it gets right now for PC soundcards. Technically, the specs say that they will work fine together and like jibz says, you can pick a different op amp to suit your headphones and preference. I actually swapped in some TI LM6172's, to try with my PC360s, but I found the sound too bassy down low and too bright/metallic on the highs. I went back to the stock op amps and really like the sound.

All that being said, the STX is not a replacement for a proper audio setup. If I were you I would step down to some 598s which are still awesome, but way cheaper and put the difference towards a custom water loop, second monitor or save it towards next gen hardware.

Just my 2c
My HD800s embarrass my old 595s on the Xonar STX...
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