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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bliz View Post
In 7.1 headphones you have several speakers right?No i don't know it but he told me there were several speakers build in the earcups !? And he tested them with different PC's,so different soundcards... or chipsets if you want ... A pc is very old and the other is brand new. He is going to use warranty.I'm not trying to destroy their reputation, happens with every brand... Just saying because it happened 5 days ago.

Anyway,If you don't want a mic,I think it's smarter to spend money in headphones without mic to get all the price in the speakers ,no?
They have virtual surround, like most USB headsets. There are only 2 drivers in the corsair headsets..
Also the 1500 being USB has the DAC built in.. it needs no sound-card and has no way to be plugged into one.
That doesn't mean he didn't try it on 2 pc's.. but not different sound cards unless he cut off the old one and attached a new one some-how.

Depends on what he wants.. if he was listening to movies and music then I would 100% agree, but the sound stage for games is completely different to that of music(and different genre's) and film.

To the OP.. Get the most comfortable ones you can afford (without sacrificing build quality or too much sound quality) which I think the 1300's(not usb and cheaper) will live up to.
If you don't play for very long with them then just get anything semi-decent. Steelseries do some ok headsets at lower prices..
I'd still be interested in the Sony's mentioned above but it's all personal taste/needs etc.

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