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Originally Posted by bliz View Post

For vangeance 1500 headset,i have a friend who owns a 1500,and there is horrible cracking noise,headphones failure :/ he tested with his 2 PC's and differend soundcards,it's the same...Maybe it's just a bad luck,but i would not recommend it.

Don't forget that you also pay for a mic and several speakers (7.1) so the sound quality is not the same as if you had 2 speakers for the same price.
I have the HS1's (older versions of these) and they are decent sound all round though the mic isn't brilliant, I got a bit of cracking in 1 ear after 3 years of usage but appears to be the wire at the ear-cup rather than the drivers themselves.

Main point of these is the comfort.. they are unbelievably comfortable for long or short gaming sessions.
Depending on your motherboard the sound will be about the same as USB (slightly better or worse depending on the DAC used)
Save the money and get the 1300 instead of the 1500.

Also they only have 2 drivers. dunno what the guy above is talking about but he obviously either doesn't know the headset or is getting them confused with another set.
AND the 1500 are USB so how he tested with different soundcards is totally beyond me.

Last thing is.. Gaming headsets tend to be boomy (lots of bass) for gaming reasons. if you don't want to spend the money, just find a decently comfortable pair of headphones and be happy enough. No need for anything specific.

(gonna have to check out the sony ones above at that price and see what they are like)
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