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honestly I'm not quite understanding all he nay sayers really. They have ,launched a device that is at least on par in performance and abilities and seems to have 90% of the apps that people need, there's no netflix but I .really don't care about that on my phone. Sure there's no killer app or feature debeauting with this phone but for me its all about HOW its used. The hub and the gestures are beautiful, notifications are really well done with peak and I think this is actually the first virtural keyboard that I think I could actually use. And its got a screen size that isn't trying to become a tablet. And expandable storage makes me happy.

yes the q10 should have been ready but I think they are still working on getting apps to scale to that 1:1 screen. I personally would have preferred a portrait slider but I don't see one coming soon, next year maybe.

for me this is a better concept than iOS or android. The features I think can make this device sing once you adjust to them. Even the no button swipe up from the bottom to unlock the device is beautiful simplistic.

there is nothing the other platforms can do that this can't and the apps are coming. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that it relies on bing for its maps and turn by turn, but maybe if this pick-up some speed google might correct that.
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