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Default USB Battery Packs

So I was invited into the closed beta of Ingress.

This game is absolutely BRUTAL on battery life and so I purchased a USB battery pack to help compensate when I am out for a few hours to keep my phone going.

So I purchased a USB battery pack that does 5@2.1A or 5@1.0A.

Now when I plug my phone into the battery pack my phone shows its charging at 4.0v @ 2.1a but with GPS on and the screen on this simply cannot keep up.

The phone also shows its charging at 4.0v when its plugged into the wall and I know that is at least 15amps.

I'm thinking of buying another battery pack that does 4.0v @ 3a and was wondering if this could perhaps make the difference.

But the issue is that I have NO idea what my phone draws in amperage to charge my phone. All I know is that it has a 1850mAh battery..
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