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Default 3930K watercooled Colossus

It's not finished but it's up and running. Cabling is messy because I bought a Silverstone CPU sleeved adapter. An adapter that only works with Silverstone PSUs - doh! My 280 Phobya rad in the roof keeps the cable tucked away really snug. Which also means I'm having trouble getting it out.

I rather cut the cable then have to move the radiator to get it out in one piece . It's currently why cabling is all over the place. Good news it runs and no leaks. Just thought I snap a quick pic to show it to the world before I get time to get it organized. Kicks the crap out of my old AM2 setup.

BitFenix Colossus Case
i7 3930K -> Koolance 370 waterblock
ASUS P9X79 Deluxe -> Heatkiller MB-SET for P9X79 nickel
4x8gb 32gb G.SKILL Ripjaws
Sapphire 6950 ref /w 6970 BIOS -> Koolance AR697 full cover
Corsair TX750M
Intel 240gb 520 SSD
Kingston 128gb SSD
*various mechanical drives*

Phobya GChanger 280 in the roof /w 140mm Bit Fenix Spectre pros (exhaust)
EK Coolstream 120 in the rear /w Noctua 120mm (intake)
Alpha Cool Monsta 120 in front drivebays /w push pull Corsair SP120 (intake)

Pumps etc:
Dazmode D5 vario
EK D5 pump top
Phobya Balancer 150 (Swapped out 250 cylinder to fill res easier)
PrimoChill Primoflex advanced RT (after two sh1tty batches of their old tubing I might be an idiot for giving them another chance)
Assortment of EK, Koolance, Bitspower, and Aqua Tuning fittings.

How to fix crappy WIFI reception on your Asus antenna. Take the antenna out of the plastic housing. From 50% signal to 100%
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