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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JonJonPoPong View Post
For CPU I'm thinking i7-3770k, is there a better option than this?
For power supply corsair AX 850 (fully modular)
Cooling corsair h100i (seems like the best solution for getting 4.6 overclock?)
Case corsair 650d I want something clean looking and this seems to fit the bill

I don't know what kind of mother board to go with, I'm willing to spend around 300? Ill be pickin up a sound card so on board audio isn't important to me, I need help picking a good mother board.

I haven't kept up on hardware much and for RAM I was thinking corsair dominator, I'm just not sure what's best, I'm guessing 2133mhz is good, but what kind? CL9 or CL10? I want 16 gigs
So is 2 8 sticks or 4 4gig sticks better?
Personally I would get either Asus or MSI - both make good boards and both have RMA centres in Canada. The Asus Z77 sabertooth is an excellent board - i owned one and its been the best board I've ever owned. Excellent layout. For MSI something like a GD 65 would be great.

For ram just get a 1600MHz or 1866 kit. Generally speaking using 2x8GB sticks would be better, but 4x4GB is probably cheaper and you can find these sticks with lower timings usually (lower timings are better). You might gain 2-3% performance with 2133 compared to 1600. Save money here and put it towards a good video card. Gskill is a good memory brand.
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