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Default Need pro help with new build

I haven't built a PC in years my last PC was a asus g74 laptop and another laptop before that.
I am looking to be able to fraps/stream my game play as I have a pro YouTube account. So I need to be able to play and record. I'm thinking of getting the aver media live gamer card also. I play mostly planetside 2 and Tera online right now.

For CPU I'm thinking i7-3770k, is there a better option than this?
For power supply corsair AX 850 (fully modular)
Cooling corsair h100i (seems like the best solution for getting 4.6 overclock?)
Case corsair 650d I want something clean looking and this seems to fit the bill

I don't know what kind of mother board to go with, I'm willing to spend around 300? Ill be pickin up a sound card so on board audio isn't important to me, I need help picking a good mother board.

I haven't kept up on hardware much and for RAM I was thinking corsair dominator, I'm just not sure what's best, I'm guessing 2133mhz is good, but what kind? CL9 or CL10? I want 16 gigs
So is 2 8 sticks or 4 4gig sticks better?

I want to spend around 2k if I go with a gtx 680 but if I got a 690 I'd obviously spend 2500.

What's the best 680 to go with? I think there's not much Choice for 690s.

For a monitor there's the new asus 24 inch vg248qe, I don't know how good it is but I want something great for gaming, 1ms and 120hz.

Don't know if I missed any parts I need, any helps would be appreciated.
I'm going to buy from memory express here in Edmonton, they do price beating for any retailer in Canada online even, does anyone know a good price search engine for finding good deals.

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