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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I'll have to echo blue byte on that one.
There should be enough of a market up here in Canada that we get an RMA Centre somewhere. That, I think would help secure more market share from us up here knowing that we can get better and faster service should something go wrong.

Another +1 here too. It likely would of given me more faith in Corsair's RMA process and likely a better experience overall too.

OCZ used to have their's in Markham which was absolutely perfect. I RMA'd a SSD to them, cheap to ship there (less than $10 and arrived next day), and they shipped my replacement the same day they received it which was delivered the next day. I had a working SSD back within the same week.

Contrasting to my current Corsair RMA, I had to ship it to California which took 7 business days and cost $20. Then Corsair sat on it for nearly 2 weeks with absolutely no status to me (this is where my anger comes from). Finally they shipped out the replacement yesterday, but it remains to be picked up by UPS (only label printed). I suspect I won't see my replacement for another ~5 days. Basically an entire month for the RMA. Thankfully I had my old Vertex 2 and 3 lying around so I could get my PC back up and running.

Granted I know OCZ has closed shop up here due to their restructuring and new CEO, but I think Corsair is a much larger company than OCZ ever was though I could be mistaken.
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