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Hi everyone - thank you for the warm welcome! Quick background about myself - I like walks on the beach and sunsets... but on the computer side, as Lpfan4ever has duly pointed out I used to work at NCIX so I've had a long working relationship with Corsair previous to my current role which is currently managing Canada on behalf on Corsair. I'm happy to answer whatever questions I can; I am still a computer enthusiast and I do game but I'm willing to bet that a large number of the guys on this forum are going to be more technical than I am when it comes to some nitty gritty details.

@JD - if you have any sort of details that you have with regards to your customer service experience, please PM me the details and I'll get this looked at internally.

Feedback is appreciated on both our products and service as we're always working on trying to minimize problems best we can. Please feel free to escalate with me if anything does come up that you guys think we can improve on.
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