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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
I think i'm almost sure it's the card,actually the overclock does support games but not benchmarks,it's too hard,so i suggest you try with an older version of Catalyst,but it's probably the card. Test the same benchmarks without overclock.If it runs fine, it's the card

Heaven bench is more like a game.

Actually,a PC lockup IN a benchmark looks like it's the card...Never seen artifacts like that tho...
it wasn't the PC that locked up in the benchmarks, the PC used to lockup at any given time, regardless of if I was staring at the desktop or anything.. for example if I fullscreened someone that was sharing their screen with me on skype, it would sometimes crash, if I shared my screen with someone on skype, it would crash.. but them problems are no longer existent since the 13.1 driver.
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