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OpenVPN is pretty good, better then PPTP as PPTP has a few large gaping holes in it and is on everything. So if I were a government/corporate group looking to target a part of the population PPTP would be the first vpn protocol I would look at.

OpenVPN has built in support for pretty much every open source router project, you can install clients on PCs if you wanted to be mobile and encrypted(hotel room). I don't know about tablets, android would be the best bet if a tablet/phone was to have a client.

Companies like Witopia support openVPN so you can tunnel into another country and ftp off a rented server in another country if you really wanted to protect yourself.

Past that you would have to start to use your imagination with what you can do to protect your anonymity online. OpenVPN would be your best opensource way to avoid prying eyes.
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