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A new month has begun, so it’s time to check what happened so far since my last post.
There were some big developments in the vehicle department with the addition of 4 new cars !! Yes you read it right 4 cars in less than 3 weeks!

1991 BMW M3 E30 (<- click for more images)

2012 BMW M3 GT
(<- click for more images)

2012 Ford Focus RS
(<- click for more images)

2011 Mercedes –Benz AMG SLS
(<- click for more images)

These 4 have put a lot of smiles in everyone faces around here and I believe it will do the same to some of you! :D

A new track has also been added, Solitude Rennstrecke, still in a very wip state but already showing how great this classic track was back in the old days when the races were done by man and machine only, no electronics there to help you out a pure driving joy to have! (pictures will come later on when its more developed)

Besides these great news the developers also shown some early sketches of the Grid Girls to be used in the game and boy must I say they look sexy ! Unfortunately I cannot post them here because they are on the edge of forum rules but believe me they would make something move down there!

Qualifying mode has been introduced as well, only available currently in single player mode but it gives you a taste of what’s coming into the multiplayer eventually.

The handling consultants, Nicolas Hamilton and Ben Collins have been giving some amazing feedback and as a result of that the physics recently improved largely on most of the cars but the most exciting ones to be the new Ford Focus RS, Racer L4-RS, Caterham R500/Classic and Formula A (F1).
There were a few, of course that didn’t improve as much and it still feels a bit out of place but with the constant feedback given by the consultants and the community they will surely get there soon enough!

In the visual department there were some big updates also, new weather functionalities have been added, as some new rain droplet improvements that make you astonished of how realistic it look and react when hitting your car and windshield, you can see some pictures in the links above!

Andy Tudor also introduced recently new UI improvements, which will improve the menu navigations greatly!

About the 2 day opening to new members to register it seems to be taking a bit more than expected, as soon theres more info about it I will post on this thread, be sure to subscribe so you don’t lose the track from sight! ;)

That’s all for now, as soon as more developments happen I will be sure to post here.
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