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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
Looks like a great start to your build.
Noticed that your shopping for your Water Cooling parts at NCIX. You will get better prices and delivery from DazMode.
Just getting a Daz Mode branded Lainge D5 pump will save you $20 and another $10 on the Raystorm.
Although DAZ has decent shipping times, he is not faster than ncix for shipping. I order from both and ncix wins every time. Depends on where you are. I am in BC. Plus, with DAZ, you cant always trust his pics for descriptions of products. I ordered some case screws along with some w/c parts. I ordered the screws because in the picture, the were the same as the ones I had, and needed more of them. Well, when they arrived, they were completely different. Daz's reply was "I just took the pic from the internet".
With that said, everything else I have ordered from DAZ was as ordered. He does answer emails in a timely manner also. I just wish he would keep better stock of Watercool blocks. It sucks getting burned at the border. Not trashing DAZ, just sharing another view point. Props to him.
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