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My System Specs

Default New laptop with 1000$ budget?

Basic requirements:

- 15", or 17" - being a desktop replacement laptop
- Don't care about weight
- 720p fine, 1080p even better
- AMD or Intel, don't care
- Med. gaming (BF3, Skyrim) but not heavy on the details
- DVD reader not required
- USB3, Fingerprint reader, Bluetooth all nice-to-haves
- Gigabit network
- Wireless N
- Windows 7

No particular brand preference, but I do like Lenovo's build quality, and Dell's Customer Support.
Special attention to proper cooling, since it will be powered 24/7.

With that 1000$ budget, what would be your weapon of choice? I'm kinda overwhelmed with the choices, and I don't know much about mobile GPU performance.


edit: here's one I found: The Dell Online Store: Build Your System
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