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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sa seba View Post
The higher temperature is the cpu die whereas the lower one is the core temp.
I was watching both and it's interesting. While the core temp was far lower at idle, it was slightly higher under full load then the cpu die temp. I had to add a touch more voltage to the CPU-NB. Benching wPrime was fine, but Far Cry 3 locked up. I found that game to be a good stability test with the 1100T as well. It seems to stress the CPU-NB more compared to other games. I'll run something more telling like prime95 when I get a chance.

Side note: Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 now play smoother at higher settings then before. I was able to crank Far Cry 3 from very high to ultra (no AA) and it maintained 30+ fps and no more stuttering. Battlefield 3 was all ready on ultra but no AA. I was able bump that up to x2 and maintained ~50+ fps. Resolution is 5040x1650 (plus bezel compensation). More testing to come tonight after work.

Edit: Far Cry 3 uses 4 cores. Battlefield 3 uses all 8.
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