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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Why don't you run XBMC on windows 8 as your media software? I don't have any of the issues you are having and it's rather nice/easy to use including the fact you can wireless control with a tablet or smart phone using their remote app (xbmc and the remote app are both free)
Giving it a chance, I have a pi with XBMC on it and can always go to XBMC on the desktop if it drives me nuts. Just giving it a go. Even if I go with XBMC it does not answer the CEC issue.

The music search anyway is faster in windows 8 vs xbmc as well. I have about 6-700GB of music ~200K songs and XBMC does not work as well, windows 8 takes almost no time to do the search off my home server.
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