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If you want the hardest test possible....setup IOMeter. Config it to use the entire capacity of the EMPTY SSD. Set it to 50/50 r/w. 100% random. 4K file size at a couple dif queue depths....and let it hammer the drive for 6 -8 hours. It will kick the snot out of the drive. IF there is a WILL fail. Do a secure erase afterward and then repeat it 2 or 3 more times and you can be damn well sure if the drive is good or not. ;)

It will use up a couple of the NAND p/e cycles per test. BUT even if it uses 50 or 100....that still small potatoes (ie less than 1% at most of the life span).

IMHO ATTO is all well and good...but on SandForce drives which do auto wont test all the NAND. Got a couple iffy blocks of NAND...or an iffy controller. It could easily pass that softball test. IOM on the other the big leagues and will push it to its limits.

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