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My System Specs


Thanks Everyone!
There should be a few more build related updates coming in the next week or so but in the meantime i'll show you what i'm working on....

Getting everything all packed up. Moving in with the Girlfriend on Friday. We're renting a condo Just north of downtown (Yonge and sheppard for those in Toronto) :)
so everything is in a state of disarray :S

But i think i have everything packed pretty tightly :)

So on the docket?
Move. Get a new desk (another fun thing to show you all :)), take pictures, and Celebrate!!!!

Here is a quick floorplan of the new place. Keep in mind however, everything is kinda backwards, Our unit is reversed. (kitchen on the right etc.)

(and some pics from the last time we toured the place.... excuse the quality, they're from my GS3

i'm still waiting on some stuff from ColdZero, and i have a in depth look at this SLI setup from Galaxy coming up as well... so stay tunes while i push these beautiful and amazing cards until they start screaming :)
On that note. I really want you guys to take a look at these 660ti's. in SLI and the individual 3GB of ram, there is PLENTY of room to play with even at high resolutions. If you're thinking of spending 600-700 on a GPU soon-ish... I'd want to 100% tell you to pick up these cards, who are usually on sale on NCIX anyways :)

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