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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
If I only had the smallest idea of what you're doing, I could help... but this is way out of my league.
I just realized I havn't actually fully laid out the plans...sheesh...I probably should eh....Some of this is probably evident , but I should lay it all out.

Ok , the main part of this is to re-build my submersion cooled computer , so that it runs cold.I always wanted the thing to be an overclocking rig.

-Rather than the Midel7131 dielectric oil I used in the original Thinktank , I'm going to use anhydrous Isopropanol.There's 2 reasons for this : 1) operating temp and 2) materials compatibility.

Isopropanol will tolerate the the -80c of dry ice , and this really is the realm I'd like the machine to operate in , and isopropanol is toatally compatible with 99% of electronic components...and silicone sealant...etc....

Almost everything else stems from the fluid change.All the work you are seeing , is a result of either a) providing a coolant loop designed for dry ice/-80c ( I.e. insulation etc ) and b) safety revolving around the use of a flammable coolant.

The last thing I'm incorporating in this design , is almost a spinoff of the safety thing.

Between the co2 output of the dry ice , and the n2 output of the fire safety system , there is another safety hazard : suffocation from displaced o2.As a result of this , the offgases are going to be fully vented with solvent recovery.

As a result of this venting , with some minor tweaks , I can use evaporation cooling as well.This is how Michael Faraday achieved -110c.....Basically , I use the n2 and the vent system to evaporate the iso.....This add's to the cooling.

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