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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JD View Post
Sounds like the Surface Pro would be the best choice for you then if you're going to use Windows regardless.

Granted, we have the Lenovo Tablet 2 at work (Atom-based granted) and it sucks. Honestly, I find Windows 8 harder to use with touch than my keyboard and mouse at home. And the Lenovo has a digitizer too like the Surface, but it still sucks to use. Unless you strictly use the "apps", touch is just pointless.

That being said, depending on your usage, maybe something like the ASUS Taichi is a better choice. At least it has a proper keyboard/touchpad for daily computing purposes, along with converting into a tablet (kinda) when you want that.
I agree that touch on Windows is pretty much pointless, but I feel like it would be nice to use it as a tablet every now and then. I always finding myself using my laptop on my bed, or in a car, airplane, etc, and wishing I had a tablet instead. Taichi is too expensive for me personally... what am I going to do with the screen on the other side? Yeah sure, turn it into a tablet, but on the Surface, I can do that as well, and I'm not paying for 2 IPS screens.

Originally Posted by Nodscene View Post
If you are going to use Logic with any kind of frequency then I'd choose the Mac. Of course I'm not sure how easy it will be to use on an 11" screen so I'm hoping you will be connecting it to a monitor for that. You'd probably want to double up on the ram as well if possible.
Yes, I would be using a monitor at home for sure. A 2560x1440 monitor which both of the devices support. (via mini-displayport and... was it thunderbolt? Now thinking about it... a thunderbolt adapter will probably cost me a pretty penny)

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Personally, I'd say hands down the MacBook Air....but the lack of an SD card slot kills it for me.
Can I ask why you would pick the Macbook Air?

Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
Let's be honest this is comparing apples and oranges... This is a tablet vs a notebook, it would of been better if you compared the Macbook Air to any Ultrabook out there, since that's what they both are, ultra-thin notebooks.

Surface has a huge problem with how much data you have.... 64GB and you can only use 23 GB because of Windows installation, Hibernation files, System Page, all the apps that comes pre-installed etc...
Storage space is not too important to me. Having a USB port on board gives you a million more options, not to mention there is an SD card slot. For that reason, I would probably get the 64GB model. My full photo and movie collection can stay on my server at home. I'm really disappointed that the Surface doesn't have 8GB of ram though. Not upgradeable either... Really close to being a deal breaker for me.

I don't think this is apples and oranges. This isn't tablet vs notebook. Surface Pro is not just a tablet. It's a tablet AND a notebook. The full-fledged x86 OS, type cover, and USB port is what makes it a notebook, and differentiates it to something like an iPad. So it's Tablet/Notebook vs Notebook, which IMO gives the Surface the edge.

Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
...which is apparently fixable anyways, like you'd have to do with any typical windows installation out-of-a-box.

I'd go with the surface. Better screen with touch, expanding options and lighter weight. Doesn't matter if you're comparing ultras to tablets, lightness is key in this field, over thickness, IMO.

I only wish the surface had at least 2 USB ports. That's my only wish.
Yeah the 1080p screen on such a small screen is salivating isn't it? The PPI must be crazy. It would be nice to have 2 USB ports, but most regular tablets don't even have one, so I'm happy with what it's got. And there are always hubs if you really need it I guess, so you're not completely stuck.

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
I also find the comparison a bit off. If you prefer a tablet and touch screen go for the surface (I played with one at a best buy and was pleasantly surprised). If you want an actual keyboard associated with a laptop/notebook/ultrabook, then go for the macbook or an ultrabook (I would go with the latter if you plan on having windows anyway).
Yeah I've been thinking Samsung ultrabook as well, as one of my friends recently bought one and I got to play around with it. It was pretty cool, but nothing really special, and well.... it was a thin laptop.

Originally Posted by samhell44 View Post
so it compare a laptop vs a tablet ? well first if you need a table go for the surface and if you need a laptop well go buy a laptop lol.
Sigh, you guys are all saying the same thing. Maybe I'm wrong.. maybe the Surface Pro can't be considered a laptop after all.
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