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Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Hello storage gurus! A quick question for you guys:
Eventually I'll have to hop in the SSD bandwagon, and when I do I want to make sure that my SSDs will slide neatly into place in my cases Sata hotswap backplane. Can anyone suggest a good tray or adapter that will make this quick and painless? It also needs to use the standard 3.5'' holes so that the quick rails still fit. Thanks in advance everyone!
Any adaptor with an edge on the power side of conectors wont fit.

If you put a 2.5 drive on top of a 3.5 drive you will see that the edge of drive must be perfectly aligned for the SAS/SATA conectors to align.

So the 2.5 to 3.5 adaptor should look like something with only 3 screws and asymetric* design to fit the 3.5 part in the backplane tray then the 2.5 drive should be screwed by the botom in the 3.5 adaptor.

*The important part is the 2.5 to 2.5 adaptor must have no side edge on the power conector side of the 2.5 drive, there could be an edge but only where the 2.5 drive end so it dont create a 0.5mm gap.

Else you rely on these kind of adaptors made by WD and Toshiba:,2760-3.html

Good luck.
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