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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Exactly why I'd love to see a similar review come from these doors. See exactly how much liberties they were taking.
But it's also possible that they had a good amd and poor i7? your own reviews show the amd clocking 200mhz faster, doesn't take much of a stretch to get where they are..
That said I'm not aware of the safe voltages for the 8350. Not been following AMD much of late on the CPU front.

Most interested to see what effect the Windows update has if any.
My personal best guess - no insider info here...i dont do the CPU reviews ;) - is that most of the boost that AMD gets...Intel will as well. AMD implemented a hardware solution and Intel did a more 'firmware' solution (Hyper Threading). So I am not holding out much 'hope' that my 8350 will suddenly start beating my 3770k outside of niche tests. Doesnt mean its a bad chip or bad choice...just that its not a 3770K 'killer'. YMMV

Originally Posted by Phill View Post
...Some can't. For example my wife's 3770k cannot pass the 4.6Ghz mark. Mine will not pass 4.8Ghz. My guess is that few hit 5Ghz and are stable.

I agree with most of that but I also understand what Dzzope is saying.
Exactly. Overclocking is luck of the draw. My 3770K does 4.5 @ 1.21volts. I've cranked it way...way further but think 4.5 is 'good enough'. My 8350...well lets just say 4.5 is the highest I would ever want to go with it and leave it at that as its not a good OC'er. I am more interested in long term not short term OC's...and there is a point of diminishing returns. In either case the 8350 runs hotter, uses more power and needs louder cooling...and is slower (this is with both at 4.5). YMMV but both are good kit.

IF AMD can get the heat and power issues under control next gen....Intel will have a real run for their money on their hands!
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