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My System Specs


Originally Posted by BurningAce705 View Post
I have to run the tr2 for the moment (with the g870 and a 6670) as I have no other psu and I need the computer at the moment .But in about a week I will buy a seasonic 600 watt for 70$ (anything better for the money,or is this a good buy?)
Seasonic are top notch, use them in my new main rig and love how stable they are, Use Antec blue for servers and Yes I use THERMALTAKE 750 and 850 TRX and Toughpower Grand as my backups and in my media center never had a issue with either but after the horror stories I upgraded my main to Seasonic and my servers to Antec.

At my old work we sold thousands of TR2 500w's and had very very few RMA's.

Corsair we had lots of RMA's sadly :( but almost 100% of those were doa(that we had to rma that is).

Coolermaster GARBAGE!!!

Antec never had a single RMA

Seasonic Still waiting for my first RMA never had one fail
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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