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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I'm thinking to myself: what would I buy instead of a Harmony remote? The answer: I can't think of anything that competes with it....
I used a Harmony One remote for a long time and liked it very much, but the input lag between button press and action was often undesirable.

When we cut the cable and went streaming only we got a Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player. The setup wound up being so useful for controlling our essentials that we didn't bother reprogramming our Harmony One for the new device. The Sony remote is very useful (QWERTY, touchpad, d-pad of sorts, and plenty of menu options) and the player itself can control your AV receiver and TV. There's also an HDMI in for "Live TV", but I've hooked it up to our PS3, Roku, and HD-DVD whenever I needed to and used it like normal.

Day-to-day use usually has the Roku connected so I can access the Roku through the Google TV and still have access to a nice Google TV overlay while using the Roku.

In total, we use two remotes. The second is just for the Roku, but that's hardly a bad trade-off. It's not the same, but it's close enough for us.
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