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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Rofl. A 4.5Ghz OC on a 3770K is a moderate OC for that chip (many can do it @ 1.25v or less). 5Ghz is a HIGH OC for the 8350 (1.40-1.5v depending on chip). If they want to do apples to apples OCing...fine. Compare 4.5 vs 4.5. Both are decent 24/7 OC's for these two chips, w/ moderate voltage....but to use max possible vs easy oc...yeah thats not biased in the least.

Like I said, the 8350 is a good bang for the buck chip...but crap like that does not do anyone any favours. Let it stand on its own merits.
Exactly why I'd love to see a similar review come from these doors. See exactly how much liberties they were taking.
But it's also possible that they had a good amd and poor i7? your own reviews show the amd clocking 200mhz faster, doesn't take much of a stretch to get where they are..
That said I'm not aware of the safe voltages for the 8350. Not been following AMD much of late on the CPU front.

Most interested to see what effect the Windows update has if any.
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