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In The Aircraft
Acceleration/Deceleration-Fore-and-aft pressures are exerted on cargo during takeoff and landing. Compression forces are exerted during rough landings.
Turbulence-Rough or "bumpy" flight conditions subject cargo to rapid alternating vertical movements, imposing heavier pressure one moment, and almost weightless conditions the next.
Altitude-As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases, subjecting liquid cargo to leakage hazards and pressurized cargo to increased internal pressure.
Temperature- Aircraft cargo compartment temperatures normally range between 30F and 70F (-1C and 21C). However, cargo aboard an aircraft parked in freezing or very hot weather will be subjected to unusual cold or heat conditions.
Cargo Compartments - The main cargo compartments of air freighters are normally well equipped for adequate stowage. Passenger aircraft belly compartments, however, are often loaded with limited cargo restraint equipment permit-ting the possibility of movement during flight and inviting damage from adjacent cargo.
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