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My System Specs

Default Photoshop Elements Panorama Test

I decided it was time to get real.

I timed my two OS's with the task of stitching together six, and four images (each image is about 40+ MB) into one panoramic view. Photoshop Elements 10 makes this pretty easy, select your images in the organizer view, then click "New - Panorama" and PSE10 pretty well does the rest. There is a step mid way where you need to select the images again and tell the editor which type of panorama you want.

I used a stop watch on my new Blackberry Playbook and tested the systems. All the hardware settings were identical as were the settings in Ai Suite and AMD's Vision Control Centre/Catalyst. These were done with Xfire enabled.

Win7 wins by a large margin. Four images to Panorama Win7 = 2 min 25 seconds. Win8 = 4 min 44 sec.

Six images in Win7 - 3 min 50 seconds, but Win8 took 6 minutes 40 seconds. Almost twice as long in Win8 as in Win7. And Win8 has the advantage of access to all 32 GB of RAM, Win7 has to make do with 16 GB.

For the curious here is one of those images I used in my testing - a Family Fun Day we sponsored this past weekend.


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