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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
It is "apples to apples" if that is the 24/7 stable oc you get from them.. your trying to compare chips overall not what each chip can do clock for clock..

Thats like saying the intel can't do that speed so why should you test the amd at it.. you test them all at their max stable oc.
Rofl. A 4.5Ghz OC on a 3770K is a moderate OC for that chip (many can do it @ 1.25v or less). 5Ghz is a HIGH OC for the 8350 (1.40-1.5v depending on chip). If they want to do apples to apples OCing...fine. Compare 4.5 vs 4.5. Both are decent 24/7 OC's for these two chips, w/ moderate voltage....but to use max possible vs easy oc...yeah thats not biased in the least.

Like I said, the 8350 is a good bang for the buck chip...but crap like that does not do anyone any favours. Let it stand on its own merits.
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