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Originally Posted by trayton View Post
I got myself and 3 other buddies that play (3 of us just got it (me included) and one is very into the game but isn't a huge gamer this is the first game he's ever got into..)

Did anyone go in and get a server? Or how would we access the current one you guys are using?

We are interested in getting a server or splitting with a few people.

Let me know guys and I assure you none of us cheat (I've played competitive gaming for years LAN's etc) and I'm an old man now 32 and have no need to cheat rest of the guys I play with are 28-32 lol.

Thanks for any info/input guys :)

If we do get a server where do you recommend and hopefully the prices aren't ridiculous
Don't bother, it'll run your around $60 a month for a 50 player server. Just find a good private hive server to play on until standalone is out. Speaking of which, an update with new screenshots was posted a few days ago:

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