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My System Specs


All looks pretty good.. if your thinking 3770.. get the k and then you can oc that too..
Or AMD 8350.. not as good in the games(maybe) but at your res and how much you play it shouldn't matter and will be bottlenecked by the 670 anyway.
Not got the single thread performance but has really good multi thread, is $30 cheaper than a 3570k and will leave a 3770k for dust in some highly threaded tasks..
it's not to be sniffed at though it may not be what your after.

I would find a used 212 and stick on some quiet fans.

32GB of ram, you must be running one really bloody heavy VM. 16 GB should be plenty though 32GB would allow you a 20GB ramdisk along with 6 for your box and 6 for the vm (6 should be plenty unless your doing something very heavy on the ram, feel free to juggle as you wish)
Like the Gskill stuff, see lots of good comments on overclocking it etc but I don't bother.. stuff I have used has been rock solid.

670 should be fine.. the reference coolers are rubbish but then they are cool cards anyway.. I would get the cheapest custom design you can find. (MSI PE is good and not much extra)

PSU should be fine if not as efficient / cool / quiet as a newer unit.
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